Forget everything you
know about house buying.

Get your dream home with just a 5% down payment. We partner with you to buy the rest.

How Emoh Works

  • 5% Down Payment

    Home ownership shouldn’t be this hard. We understand that a 10% - 20% deposit is extremely difficult to obtain. With Emoh, you only need a 5% down payment. We partner with you to buy the rest. We rent the home to you at the market rate and each rental payment increases your entitlement to purchase all the way to 100%. Turn your dead rent today into home ownership.

  • Repayments

    Each month, your rental repayments will contribute to you optioning more and more of the property. Over time you will have optioned enough of it to refinance, or continue with Emoh, totally up to you.

  • Emoh Approved

    Once approved, Emoh buyers can browse and choose a home. Choose your dream home, and we’ll secure the purchase. We make the process very straight forward, we are property experts and sellers want to sell to us, we close fast.

  • Settle In

    It’s your home, make it your own. Decorate, design and renovate as you like. Call in to your neighbours, borrow a cup of sugar, find your local and settle in to your dream home.

How Much Could I afford?

If you can afford to rent, we believe you are able to buy.
Use our calculator to figure out how much you could afford with Emoh.

See what you could afford

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Minimum down payment of €30,000 required

We can help you buy a home worth


Compared to just €135,000 with a mortgage

Your monthly rent would be:

€4000per month

Your budget is based on what you spend on rent.

Welcome to the property ladder.

Because paying rent is dead money.

2019 Applications now open

About EMOH

Emoh is here to bridge the gap between renting and buying. It is for people who can afford to rent but now want a place to call their own. By solving the rent trap problem and by creating an open and transparent partnership with our customers, we believe we can create a different way for you to own your dream home. That’s Emoh.

We are a group of technology and property experts who think home ownership should be more accessible. We are building a new, more flexible way to gradually buy a home. Our company mission is to partner with great people to get them into their dream home.

Our App, Your Home

Use our app to keep up to date with all your important details.


Watch your option grow every month as you pay your rent


View your payments and data in an easy to use dash


Get notified when you reach your milestones


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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does it work?

    Emoh is a segue between renting and buying a home. First you register with us. Once you are Emoh approved, you identify a home. Once that home is Emoh approved we partner with you and buy it for you. You then pay a market monthly rent. By paying rent each month you are gradually optioning more and more of your home. Over time you will have optioned enough of your home to get a mortgage, refinance or continue with Emoh, totally up to you.

  • How much of a down payment do I need?

    5% or a minimum of €30,000, obviously you can pay more if you wish. With every months rent you pay, you option more and more of your home.

  • How does Emoh make money?

    Emoh makes money in a number of ways. Firstly, we make arrangement fees, we also make an interest rate margin on a portion of the funding required to acquire the Emoh approved property. In the future, we will make money from selling other relevant services to our client tenants and to the property community in general.

  • How you know this is for you?

    Any of these sound a bit like you?

    1. You have good job and good income but because you are paying rent you can’t save for the usual 10 - 20% deposit required by the evil old banking overlords!

    2. You are paying rent today and you know that is dead money!

    3. You are a professional, you have a good job, you want to live in a great property to put down some roots.

    4. You could be an entrepreneur or business owner, and even though you are creating jobs you can’t get approval on your mortgage application. You have a track record of paying your bills and being a decent citizen!

    5. You find it easy to pay your rent every month and you have your eye on a great property in a great location

    Really, we are looking to partner anyone who is a great renter and now thinks they would like to buy.

  • Who manages the process with me?

    You will have a dedicated Emoh Home Team member who will be your POC. They will be friendly, caring, honest and transparent. We will get you into your home.

  • Can I renovate or extend my new home?

    Yes, you can renovate or extend - we work with a bunch of Emoh approved suppliers. We have some of the countries best architects, carpenters and construction companies working with us. We get the best value for you because well, it’s in our best interest to get the job done right for you.

  • How much rent do I pay?

    You will pay a market rent. It will be fully transparent and agreed upfront. The good news is that your rent is now contributing to you gradually owning a home. It is no longer just dead money.

  • Why is it better than a mortgage?

    Mortgages are difficult to get. You need to have 10% - 20% deposit in order to buy a house. There are a lot of people who are paying rent every month and are caught in the rent trap. We think a lot of these people would like to buy a home, they can afford a mortgage but they just can’t save the deposit required. Emoh is here to bridge the gap between renting and buying.

  • How much does it cost above a normal mortgage?

    Emoh delivers a product to our customers that is broadly in line with what it would cost to rent the same property. We believe that rent is dead money. Every Emoh payment creates long term optionality and therefore value for our customers.

Welcome to the property ladder.

Because paying rent is dead money.

2019 Applications now open